We asked, and you responded. Sincere thanks to everybody who has responded to the Workplace Choir of the Year survey. If you would like to complete the survey, you can do so here:

Audience/participant survey


Already, there have been very useful submissions and results.

Admission charge

2018 was the first year that choir members have been asked to pay an admission charge to the event and we are particularly interested in your thoughts on this. Because the Arts Council will not fund this type of initiative, we asked you, the stakeholders, to contribute a small amount (€5/€15 in this case) to help cover costs. It is very encouraging that so many choir members were willing to make this contribution. Nevertheless, we understand that Workplace Choir of the Year can be an expensive undertaking for many – with or without corporate backing – and we are looking into every possible solution for next year.

Diversity and recognition

A lot has changed since we began this journey in 2013 with just 8 workplace choirs. We’ve had 46 participants in the competition and the standard and variety on offer have reached unprecedented levels. We are now going to to broaden the scope of the awards on offer – to recognise the unique strengths of each choir. We look forward to announcing a revised format for the upcoming competition events.

Thank you for helping Workplace Choir of the Year to grow and develop.