Any company or organisation with 10 or more employees (including past employees) can enter Workplace Choir of the Year.

You need no experience whatsoever, there are no auditions, and every choir stands a very good chance of winning the competition – with 75% of entrants being newly-formed choirs. 8 weeks of rehearsal is enough to get most choirs to competition standard, so you have plenty of time too! CLICK HERE to read about some of the benefits of group singing in the workplace.

The science speaks for itself: “Group singing triggers the release of all 4 ‘happiness hormones’ in the body: dopamine, serotonin (associated with feelings of exhilaration and contentment), endorphins and oxytocin.”. OTHER BENEFITS
Step 1:

Discuss the idea with management and colleagues, and then circulate a digital form in your workplace to gauge interest (build your form HERE).

Step 2:

Find a choirmaster to direct your choir. Choirmasters can be sourced within your organisation, or through local music schools, college music departments, churches, community choirs or arts organisations. If you need help finding somebody suitable, contact and Peter may be able to recommend somebody in your area. You may also want to enlist the services of an accompanist, but this would usually be for the last couple of rehearsals only, and your choirmaster may be able to recommend somebody for this role. An accompanist is not a requirement, however. In 2015, the competition was won by ‘The Marine Institute Singers’ who performed unaccompanied.

Step 3:

Submit your Entry Form in advance of the closing date, then relax and enjoy the rehearsals. Select two suitable and enjoyable songs with your choirmaster and watch as the performance takes shape over the course of a few weeks. We guarantee that you will be very impressed with your progress.


CONTACT US with any queries. Our team can offer plenty of advice, assistance and tools to get your choir up and running – from recruiting members, to managing rehearsals.