Who can enter the competition?

Workplace Choir of the Year is open to both new and established workplace choirs. All choir members must be either current or former employees of the company or organisation. Employees at all levels of the organisation are encouraged to participate.

How many members do we need?

The choir requires a minimum of 10 voices to compete. See the RESOURCES page for advice on recruiting choir members, as well as tools to help you do so.

What does it cost to enter?

Information about the Entry Fee is available on the REGISTER page.

Please note that choirs should arrange and remunerate their own choirmaster/conductor and piano accompanist (where applicable) for both the semi-finals and the Competition Final.

What does the performance consist of?

Each choir will perform two contrasting songs in unison or two or more parts. Be advised that simple songs performed with confidence and enthusiasm may be a better choice than more complex material. Select arrangements that are within your reach (we suggest no more than 2 or 3 ‘parts’, or layers, of harmony). This competition is all about a good performance, rather than complexity or technicality.

Do we need to provide sheet music for the adjudicators?

Adjudicators do not require music or scores from competitors and they will be advised to judge each performance on it’s overall merit and interpretation.

Do we need to an accompanist?

Whilst piano accompaniment is permitted, it is not a requirement. The Marine Institute Singers won the competition in 2015 without any accompaniment. No accompaniment other than piano is currently permitted in the competition (percussion, guitar, etc.).

We never sang in public before. Will we be out of our depth?

Many of the choirs in the competition will be newly-formed. With a sufficient amount of rehearsal, choirs can get two songs to a performance standard in a matter of weeks. Individual auditions are not necessary and even the least confident singers can add a lot to the performance. It’s all about putting on a good show and enjoying yourselves.

We are an established workplace choir. Can we enter?

Yes, provided all members are either current or existing employees of the organisation. Both newly-formed choirs and existing choirs compete in Workplace Choir of the Year.

We are a small business. Can we partner with another business to enter a joint choir?

At the moment, only choirs from a single organisation are permitted.

Do we have sufficient time to prepare?

Getting your choir up and running is easier than you might think. The frequency and quantity of rehearsals is up to you. Most workplaces opt for weekly rehearsals until closer to the competition date. Many choirs can achieve a great standard of performance after a few short weeks together. Generally, a new choir can begin singing in harmony 25 minutes into their first session. Seriously.

Does every choir get to perform at the Competition Final?

At the Semi-Finals, eight choirs will qualify for the final. Only these 8 choirs will compete for the overall title at the Competition Final.

How do we qualify for the Semi-Finals?

At the moment, every choir entering the competition gets to perform at the Semi-Finals.

Can we perform the same songs at both Semi-Final and Competition Final?

Yes, you can perform the same two contrasting songs at both events. There will be different adjudicators and a new audience for each event.

Where can we find advice and assistance?

Visit our ‘RESOURCES‘ page for advice on establishing and rehearsing a choir.